Amy Rose
(エミー・ローズ Emī Rōzu?), known earlier as Rosy the Rascal, is a video game character who appears in most of the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Sega's Sonic Team. She made her debut appearance in Sonic CD (1993). Amy Rose was created by Kazuyuki Hoshino and based on one of Kenji Terada's characters. She was redesigned by Yuji Uekawa for Sonic Adventure. She is a happy-go-lucky pink, female, anthropomorphic hedgehog who is obsessed with the series' title character and protagonist, Sonic, even going so far as to declare herself his girlfriend. She has chased Sonic since her debut in 1993, and has been trying to win his heart in everything from the series' games to animated TV shows and comics. She is also one of the series' most popular characters, coming in fifth place in an official popularity poll.[2]

Like Sonic and other characters in the series, Amy is significantly shorter and lighter than humans her same age. She is 12 years old and 90 cm (2 ft 11in) tall.[1] She was originally described as being 8 years old in Sonic CD, but as of Sonic Adventure and onwards, she has grown older. Also, with the addition of Cream the Rabbit, Amy seems to have found herself a sidekick similar to Sonic's sidekick, Tails.Sega's game manuals for various Sonic games describe Amy's character as the bright and overly cheerful self-appointed girlfriend of Sonic.[3] She loves soft-serve ice cream and hates boredom,[1] has a natural initiative,[4] and a strong competitive streak,[3] but gets into trouble often.[5] With her strong sense of intuition and great passion[6] Sonic has difficulty escaping her.[4] Amy is quite formidable with her "Piko Piko Hammer",[7] a weapon with which her skills are second to none. In the old games she had a green  dress and she are black eyes and green/red shoes with laces, with pink fur

She now has a red dress with red shoes and red headband and green eyes with pink fur and yellow bingles

Over the years she still loves Sonic

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