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Me in Sonic X


Ashura Ashura Dark Reign Mod

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Ashura was only in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

Ashura was a color giltch if the player entered some sound test numbers 

the glitch would make Sonic green.

Ashura is a fan made character and everyone is making rumors of Ashura being a creepypasta.

Then someone made Ashura Dark Regin a Fan made sonic game

Were Sonic and his freinds try to stop Eggmand and the evil hedgehog Ashura....

We have no pictures of Ashura and no one really knows if the or Ashura is a Real Sonic Character......

Search Ashura The Hedgehog for more

to be Ashura you must do debug and go to the wallfall for 2 mins and sonic will start to go green this only go off when he is in the next act.