awesome comic :D tails vs tails doll

Team nightmare by zhenghwang-d37rkb8
Pc niles the darkfox by earthwind dk2-d4a0e0q

Niles in Sonic Generations

Contest randomgirl 54 by zhenghwang-d3ejw6c


Niles anti tails by silveralchemist09-d34kosd

CaN yOu FeEl ThE sUnShInE? by SilverAlchemist09 the red eyes near the logo are the tail's dolls eyes making people think that this picture is the Tails Doll Curse

Dark tails x spectra gift by silveralchemist09-d49hdrh

Dark Tails X Spectra by SilverAlchemist09

Niles Anti Tails aka Tails Doll

Group: ArmHeck

Only seen in:

Sonic X Deep within The Furture, Sonic: Lost memoires,  The Sonic Return, The Death Of Tails Sonic R

Tails Nightmare 1 and 2 *tails nightmare 1 and 2 are fan made flash games*

Niles is an idea of what the Tails Doll will look like in a future and really this Tails Doll was great.

SilverAlchemist09 made this verison because she started doing pictures of like fan made characters from Sonic.

His Glasses are like the gem on the old Tails Doll's head also his teeth are like fangs. Like you see fangs in a anime.

Also his voice is like tails but a badass like.

also his goal is do destroy Miles "Tails" Prower.

In the old form he never had a voice 

The adder by zhenghwang-d4gdicu