Sonic Epilogue is  based on the the cartoon "Sonic SATAM", It is made by MilesCHC.

Silveralchemist09 made lots of pictures with this project.

Plot: Sally tells Sonic and Tails to go see  what's happening in Robotink's city.

Untill Tails goes to find the codes and Sonic tips over the mega muck and Sinvey gets a needle and puts into Sonic and turns them evil then it's the final fight! Tails and Sonic go head to head and Sonic grabs Tails by the neck with his Red glowing eyes...... Tails stabs Sonic! and Sonic falls down with his hand on his chest bleeding...

Tails was stareing at Sonic's grave crying.....

Music: Break You Open Airplay edit by Aruna

Sonic epilogue im sorry sonic by raygirl12-d6hfxpc

Sonic Epilogue


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