Sonic crying near Tail's Gravestone.


Photo of Tails


After Tails was turned into a Fox Robot


Amy in The Fall Of Sonic

The Tails Ghost is a fan fic made by SilverAlchemist09.

it starts off with Sonic looking up in the sky in the rain then he finds out that Tails died. and then once he said his last words he ran off crying.

i went to sleep and he woke up seeing someone sleeping he thought it was Tails dead under the blanket but it was Amy.

Sonic started to go insane thinking about the poor fox.


Sonic was fulled with so much anger he turned Dark Sonic and he killed him self.

After that he was returned and then he just found out and he rememebed that Tails died.

The Fall Of Sonic

( how i thought the plot was when i first saw this) Sonic was late to save Tails from the evil Dr. Eggman and he turned him into a robot.)

Sonic X Deep within the future was made by Zhengwang. a few years back he got PERMENTALLY Banned for stealing SA09's work. then he did loads of bad things to SilverAlchemist09.